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coronet peak

Coronet Peak is situated in New Zealand, Paihia. Here people take the journey for skiing and snowboarding, during winter season mainly.

While skiing or boarding here you will also be able to come across wild animals like kea (native parrots), tahr (wild goat), pigs, etc. You may even see the kiwi, the national bird of New Zealand.

Almost every ski trail here leads to different terrain. You can choose according to your own preference or based on what you are looking for in the skiing/snowboarding experience.

There are trails that are ideal for learning how to ski and there are difficult ones too. The learner trails are generally green in color, whereas the difficult ones are orange and red.

There are around 32 trails for skiing here. There are double chair lifts installed at coronet peak which help in faster transit of people to different areas. There is also a conveyor lift available for beginners with slow speed. You can choose any one of these lifts to start your adventure.

For snowboarding, there are wide open fields for practicing jumps, slides, etc or it is also possible to find seclusion at the steep chutes and side-country areas. It would be best if you go out on a group tour. This way you can also learn from others who have more expertise in this field.

What is the best time to visit coronet peak?

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The best time to visit here is during the months of July, August, and September. The snow conditions are at their peak during this period. January, February, and March are also great times for visiting coronet peak ski resorts. During these months you will be able to see sunny days along with occasional snowfall.

What is the weather of the coronet peak?

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The weather changes from June to August. So, it would be best if you dress accordingly for your visit. If you are visiting during the month of June bring raincoats with you as there is more possibility of rainfall. During the month of July and August, snowfall is likely. November-March is perfect for skiing. You can enjoy snowboarding too in this period.

You can also visit here in the months of April and May when the mountains are filled with green vegetation, flowering trees, and wildflowers. June to August is when you will be able to see snow at coronet peak. The weather is pleasant during these days but it is still wintertime so do not forget to bring warm clothes with you.

Which accommodation is available on the coronet peak?

There is no accommodation available on the spot. You will have to book your stay at Paihia or in the city of Christchurch before visiting the coronet peak ski resort. If you are coming from Wellington, plan your trip accordingly because this city is around 2 hours’ drive away from coronet peak. There are also bus services available from Christchurch city to coronet peak.

Which time is best to visit Coronet Peak?

There are a few tours that you can join along with your friends and family members. This way you will get to enjoy breathtaking views while you visit here. If you want, then take an adventure walk or hike at this place. The panoramic views of the mountains are simply amazing!

If you want to ski during the night then you should visit here between 4 pm and 10 pm as this is when the trails are lit up for evening skiing. Just make sure you carry your torchlight with you. The evenings here at coronet peak ski resort are enjoyable and party lovers can enjoy their time by visiting pubs and bars around Paihia.

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