Choosing From an array of Waterproof Gloves

waterproof gloves

There are many pros and cons to using thermal gloves when climbing, walking, or working outside in inclement weather. If you have never used them before, you may be wondering what some of the negative sides are. Gloves are made to keep your hands dry and warm. They offer dexterity protection against rock salt, moisture, and other substances that can be damaging to your fingers. So if there is one downside about thermal gloves it is probably the fact that they are not ideal for high exertion sports like rock climbing.

Pros of Using Waterproof Gloves

Waterproof Gloves

There are some pros to using waterproof gloves in cold weather. The biggest pro is the fact that they provide dexterity and warmth to your hands. Your hands will feel better because you won’t be holding onto a rock all day. Another pro about a good pair of gloves in cold weather is that they are usually quite a bit cheaper than buying a pair of standard mittens and a hat.

WaterProof Gloves and their layers

Waterproof Gloves

One kind of waterproofing method that some people choose to use is to use two waterproofing products. A single-layer glove has a thin outer layer and a thicker inner layer. This type of glove works well for those who enjoy climbing or walking in snow, rain, or cold weather. A double-layer glove has an outer layer that is a bit thicker than a single-layer glove.

The best waterproofing gloves are sold in pairs that are similar in size. A reviewer found that most Outdoor Research gloves available in most stores are somewhat on the large side. He recommends going down a size or two if you are planning to wear the gloves for an extended period of time. Many reviewers, however, do not feel that this is a big drawback and recommend a size down for most applications.

Some reviewers don’t like the idea that most waterproof gloves feature just one thin layer of material. David Williams, a rock climber, says that he likes the one-layer style. “They’re not that watertight,” he states, “but they’re very dry.” Testimonials by other testers, however, indicate that many pairs are indeed truly waterproof. David Beckham, a player for the Los Angeles Galaxy and an advocate of eco-friendly products, says that he wears a glove with a one-layer of polyurethane foam and a liner made from boiled milk to make a waterproof pair that is “as dry as a bag of rice.” Testimonials of the Vasque brand also indicate that many of the waterproof gloves have been tested and held up under any kind of weather.

The Gloves and Manufacturing

Testimonials of Dansko water-resistant gloves indicate that this company’s leather products – such as the Powerflex and Powermate series – are among the best on the market. A review by Consumer Reports indicated that many people who tried using these gloves while snowboarding did not experience any discomfort. However, the report did not rank the products; instead, it concluded that the overall rating had been a ” mediocre ” grade.

Another set of waterproof gloves features a lining from recycled polyethylene. The Neoprene gloves reportedly performed well in a test conducted by Consumer Reports. Reviewers noted that even with cold temperatures, the material held up and did not slip. In addition, the Reviewers noted that the material was not difficult to care for, unlike many other brands of glove liners. Many reviews of the neoprene gloves by users indicate that they are easy to use and do not irritate the skin, as other leather waterproof gloves often do.

If you are looking for a pair of gloves to wear for cold weather, you should consider the Dansko Powerflex Pro polyester wool pullover. The Powerflex Pro has a one-layered construction that has finger holes that allow insulation for your thumb and index fingers and has a medium-thickness fleece lining. This lining offers advanced breathability that keeps your hands toasty warm. This pair of gloves also have an adjustable cuff with easy snap closure and a one-size fit that is snug around your wrists. The Powerflex Pro is made of natural rawhide and not synthetics, so it’s one of the best choices if you don’t care what label is on the bottle.

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