Cost of Heli-skiing

Heli-skiing is the best way to ski powder in pristine heli-ski terrain. You can fly into a remote mountain resort with your own private helicopter that will take you directly to the snowpack where you are dropped off for an incredible powder skiing experience. Heli-skiing allows skiers and boarders access to runs only accessible by helicopter. Some slopes are so steep or so deep it would be impossible to hike up them in time to ski the fresh powder down. The heli-skiing operation will fly you into an area where there is no trail, no off-piste skiing access, and only then will they drop you to explore.

Where to Heli-Ski?

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British Columbia Canada is home to some of the worlds most famous heli-ski resorts. There are three major regions in British Columbia that attract skiers and boarders from all over North America and beyond to their deep powder, vast terrain, and world-class slopes. The premiere heli-skiing region of BC is the Coast Range Mountains in British Columbia which includes vast areas like; Monashees, Bugaboos, Selkirks, Purcells, Cariboos & more.

Another popular area for heli-skiing in BC is Kootenay National Park which contains some of the best tree skiing in North America. You can also find deep powder & steep slopes in the mountains outside Banff National park where they celebrate their annual Heli-Ski Week every March at Silver Star Mountain Resort.

Is Heli-skiing expensive or not?

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Heli-skiing is an expensive proposition so most people choose to incorporate it with other winter activities like; overnight heli-skiing, mountain or cat skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, and ice climbing. It is important to remember that heli-skiing is more than just a ski trip but also an incredible life experience.

How much does Heli-skiing cost?

Heli-Skiing can be broken down into two different pricing options; “Per Person” or “Per Run” pricing. Per Person prices are calculated by taking the total number of participants, dividing it evenly then adding $300 to cover the cost for the pilot and fuel.

Per-person pricing is usually used when there is a large group or if you are planning on skiing with friends or family members. This type of pricing can be very affordable especially if you are splitting the cost with others. For example, if there is a group of 10 people each paying $300 per person that would equal $3,000 for the day. This pricing can be very attractive because you might only pay $30 or so per run as opposed to paying $65 per run on “Per Run” pricing.

There is also a third type of pricing that we didn’t mention above and that would be “Per Person Per Day” where the price quoted includes everything for your entire stay including; accommodation, lift tickets, meals, and heli-skiing. This type of package can vary greatly based on the resort and heliski operator.

Per Run heli-skiing prices are calculated by taking the total number of runs they estimate it would take you to complete all the terrain in one day. This can be anywhere from 10-16 runs per day depending on your ability level and the type of terrain you want to ski. A good rule of thumb is as long as you outski the helicopter your legs will hold up (you don’t want to be the slowest person in the group, trust us).

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