How to Choose North Face Boots For the Best Winter Hiking Experience

north face boots

Whether you’re hiking a mountain, running through the wilderness, or navigating the city, a North Face boots with Gore Tex waterproofing will keep your feet dry and warm. From the day you step onto the trails to the night you spend sleeping beneath the stars, it’s important to have the right footwear. A shoe that performs well in all kinds of environments and all types of terrains makes a great choice for any serious hiking, trail walking, and backpacking enthusiast. Long term comfort footwear with Gore Tex protection features is a waterproof, breathable coating that will keep you healthy on the trails and off.

The North Face sells a variety of popular hiking boots and cold weather boots. Their most popular models include the Fathom, Fugitive, Heiden, TPS, and Phylon models. Among the most popular aspects of hiking boots are their innovative waterproof designs. In order to keep your feet dry, your North Face boots must be water resistant, and the Gore Tex membrane must ensure the maximum amount of breathability.

An Overview

Winter Hiking

Some people are concerned about the thermal conductivity of the polyurethane used to make the insulated waterproof shoes and snow boots. While the material used to line the insoles may increase thermal conductivity, the primary concern for many hikers and mountaineers is the lack of breathability. That’s because when you’re walking in hot weather, you want to take off your shoes and let your body breathe. With water-resistant boots, however, you can’t do that. Instead, you risk moisture entrapped within the seams and between the shoe and your foot, which can cause blistering, chafing, and discoloration.

To address this issue, the Gore Tex membrane is sealed tightly around the upper part of the shoe. This way, air can travel freely throughout the shoe. By doing so, you get more air exchange, which keeps your foot dry and fresh. Your feet will stay dry even if you walk in a lot of water, because they can naturally absorb the moisture from the surrounding environment. You’ll love how these boots feel when you get them on.

Winter Hiking Facts

Winter Hiking

If you’re an avid hiker, chances are that you’re looking for ways to beat the cold, wet conditions that can often plague runners and other outdoor enthusiasts during the winter. One way that you can do that is with a pair of North Face boots. These durable boots are perfect for any occasion when you need to protect yourself from the harsh conditions of the winter. From trail running to ice climbing, North Face has a variety of choices that you’ll love.

If you prefer to just wear regular hiking shoes to the snow, then you’ll find the Fathom, Polarized, and Alpine boots that the brand produces to be just fine. These are all waterproof shoes that are suitable for winter use, but that are also comfortable to wear in spring and summer as well. With Fathom and Polarized boots, you get the combination of a great look and great performance. These are the perfect choices for men and women who are into hiking or snowboarding. Because these boots are made with advanced technology, they can keep you warm and dry even in severe weather conditions.

If you have sensitive, thin feet, then you will definitely appreciate the fact that these shoes offer a very snug fit. When you wear these waterproof shoes, your toes will always stay within a few millimeters of each other, thanks to the special Gore-Tex lining. This way, your feet will stay comfortable and your movements won’t be restricted. Even if you’re using a pair of ordinary hiking boots, you will surely appreciate the difference when you’re wearing these shoes for a long hike in the woods or in the snow.

Bottom Line

If you’re into hiking during the cold winter months, then you’ll love the fact that the North Face Camping boots are made especially for winter use. This way, you get to enjoy all of the wonderful features that these boots offer. From the toe picks to the removable gore inserts, these are all top-notch features that you simply can’t miss. So if you’re looking for the best winter hiking boot, make sure to check out these boots. After all, no one can beat the durability and performance that these boots can give you.

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