How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Yourself -

How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Yourself

How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Yourself

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced skier, it is necessary to have the right gear available. Also, it would be best to keep yourself warm while skiing in the frigid environment pulling off those cool carves and crossovers. Otherwise, you’ll be sitting the whole vacation out once you catch a cold. Ski jackets and ski pants do the job for a skier. Also known as salopettes, these “special” pants are a part of the two-piece ski suit. These pants help keep your legs dry and warm on the slopes.

So, let’s go through the features that every pant for skiing must have before you get to buy one.

Length Of The Ski Pants

We recommend you to buy ski pants a bit longer than the everyday jeans or trousers that you wear. The reason being that the pants would cover the top of your boots. Approximately, it would help if your pants are about four to five inches prolonged than your fixed length. As it will help shield you against cold.

How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Yourself

How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Yourself

Types Of Salopettes

The area and the skiing environment around you will affect your choice of ski clothing. Hence, there are two kinds of ski pants available for skiers.

  • Insulated Pants

Insulated pants have a waterproof outer layer with an insulated inner layer.

The most common type of insulated pants that you may come across is synthetic pants. Although there are also fleece and down insulation available- each having a different layer of insulation.

  • Shell Pants

These pants do not have any insulation. However, shells are versatile, and you can wear a base layer to keep warm. These pants allow smooth movement, in addition to being breathable. It will help you if you are pretty active on the slopes. Furthermore, these pants best suit relatively dry weathers.

Zip Vents

Another essential feature in a suitable ski pant is, zipped vents. These vents allow you to release excess heat and increase the air circulation to your body. Most pants have them on the inner seams of the thighs. Additionally, these vents sport a mesh lining to prevent snow from getting in.

How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Yourself

How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Yourself


Waterproofed pants are a must if you are seriously into skiing. Nothing can be worse than you having a soaking wet pant after your first fall at  0 degrees. Most ski pants have a waterproof rating between 5000 and 20000mm. The higher the number, the more the water resistance. If you ski in wet and relatively warm weather, go for higher waterproofing. On the contrary, if your area is dry, then you can get away with lower ratings.

Snowboard VS Ski Pants

As with jackets, a significant difference between snowboard and ski pants is the fit. Snowboard pants are looser, allowing you to crouch and do various maneuvers. On the other hand, a ski pant fits close to the body as the movements in skiing are “subtle.” Additionally, the slim fit allows for increased aerodynamics required for higher speed.

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