How To Choose The Best Skis For Your Kids

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If you are new to skiing, choosing ski gear for yourself is overwhelming enough. More still, if you are buying it for your child. As there are a whole lot of different skis out there, choosing one that suits your child’s needs seems complicated. However, worry no more as we have the perfect guide for buying kids skis. All that goes into buying ski equipment for your kids (and even yourself) is proper knowledge.  Also, ask for exactly what you want so that you can narrow your options down.

kids Skis Materials

Most kids skis are softer, low on budget, and tend to bend easily. These skis have a composite foam core covered by aluminum on all sides. Also, because of this cap construction, the ski weighs less and responds (bends) to even minimal pressure.

On the other hand, advanced skis (those of experienced riders) have vertical sidewalls. These skis require a comparatively stronger pressure to flex. As a result, it doesn’t react to pressure that quickly.

How To Choose The Best Skis For Your Toddler

How To Choose The Best Skis For Your Toddler

Kids Skis Rocker

Most kids skis are rockers. They are a type of ski having a slightly bent up tip. These skis are also called “reverse cambers.” Rockers can easily float through the snow and make turns very easy. Moreover, these skis work well in Colorado and British Columbia. The reason being that these areas have deep powdered snow.

Also, a rocker ski can initiate a turn as soon as it is on its edge. Hence the pre-flexed shape helps in maneuverability.


Selecting the appropriate ski size for your child is not as hard as everyone thinks.

It is due to the skis of nearly all kids are identical. However, the exceptions are race and high-performance powder skis.

The most significant factor while selecting a proper ski for your toddler is their height. Any ski that is between their chin and eyebrows will do. If your child is an experienced skier, go for one that is up to their eyebrows. However, if your toddler is inexperienced, go for a shorter one that reaches to their chin. Having a shorter ski will make it easier for them to learn and take turns in the snow without falling.

How To Choose The Best Skis For Your Toddler

How To Choose The Best Skis For Your Toddler

Kids Skis Bindings

Two types of skis are available for kids- one with bindings attached, the other without, also known as flat skis. Flat skis require that you purchase a binding separately.

However, always ensure that you select a brake width equal to or greater than the width of the ski. However, it mustn’t be more than 15mm.

Contrarily, you don’t need to remove bindings that come pre-attached on kids skis. You can slide them into a suitable place for the child’s boots. Additionally, you can also move them if he/she wishes to change the shoes.

We recommend that you always get a certified technician to bind, install, and adjust your little one’s skis. Bindings are one of the essential safety equipment on a ski to prevent injury. Therefore, always check the bindings before you send your child out to ski.


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