Top Ski Resort In The US

Top Ski Resorts In The US

So you’re looking to ski at one of the best? We’ve done the hard work for you. It’s all subjective, of course, but we put forward all the good along with the bad and hope to inspire you to get some epic skiing done this winter! This list of ski resort will help you in finding the best one that you have been looking for.

Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows

Situated on Tahoe’s western shore and close to Interstate 80, Squaw Valley has, in our opinion, the best terrain in the Tahoe area and arguably the entire West Coast, winning the hearts of expert skiers. On powder days you won’t be disappointed with the snow that blankets the top-notch steeps. With stunning views of Lake Tahoe while you ski, Squaw Valley is sure to impress!

Terrain: The resort covers 6 peaks with over 4,000 ac of terrain served by an efficient lift system to keep you lapping all day! Want more? Ski nearby at Alpine Meadows with the same ticket. That’s another 2,000 ac to explore! These days, you’ll have to take a short shuttle ride to get there, but look for a gondola linking the two in the near future.

Top Ski Resorts In The US


Breckenridge, or Breck, is the real deal. How do we know? Last season it was the most visited resort in the US! Its crown jewel is the Imperial Express Super Lift, the highest lift in North America, which drops you off at 12,480 ft. With plenty of high alpine skiing on offer and a notorious nightlife, Breck is definitely not to be missed!

Terrain & Snow quality: Breck has a nice selection of terrain that spreads out over five peaks with 2,908 ac of skiable terrain. Experts will definitely like the hair-raising chutes and expansive bowls. There are plenty of groomers, glades and moguls to keep things interesting. The elevation and cold temperatures mean you won’t have to worry about the snow getting heavy and sticky until late in the season. Although when the wind picks up, you might find yourself skiing on some crusted snow!

Alta Ski Resort

Alta is a throwback to skiing as it used to be, and not just because of its snowboarding policy. While there have been some upgrades, you can still find yourself on fixed double chairlifts – though after hitting some of these extraordinary steeps, you might look forward to the rest! Top it off with Utah’s famous powder dumps and Alta is irresistible for skiers!

Terrain & Snow quality: Alta is one of the very last resorts in the US to prohibit snowboarders, which makes it famous in some circles and infamous in others. If you’re a skier, be prepared to be buried in snow. Alta sees more snow than almost any other American resort, averaging over 550 in of that amazing Utah powder every year. All that snow falls on incredible steeps, chutes, and tree runs for some truly amazing extreme terrain. While there is only 2,200 ac of skiable area, there are plenty of runs for every skier. If that’s not enough for you, just upgrade your ticket to ski neighboring Snowbird as well.

Top Ski Resorts In The US

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