Top 4 Largest Ski Jump Places In The World -

Top 4 Largest Ski Jump Places In The World

Top 4 Largest Ski Jump Places In The World

Do you imagine yourself standing on a hill and enjoying the view? That unspoken feeling and soothing view make the day! Isn’t it? Various people love to take this dare and break records every year. Here are the top 4 most massive ski jump places in the world that you should visit.

  1. Vikersundbakken, Vikersund Ski Jump

Vikersund is a small village in the capital of Norway, Oslo. The hill residing here is Vikersundbakken the size of 240 while the K-point of it is 200m. The recorded longest jump from the mountain crown to Dimitri Vassiliev, who jumped from 254m height, in the men’s category. In the women’s category, only K-18 recorded the highest by Anette Sagen.

Being the prominent place of the ski jump, the government frequently spends the right amount to make the area more attractive and adventurous. But the spectator capacity is still only 30,000 here. So, i is quite smaller comparing to others in this list. The leading ski club of the place is Vikersund IF and Vikersund Skiklubb.

Top 4 Largest Ski Jump Places In The World

Top 4 Largest Ski Jump Places In The World

  1. Letalnica Bratov Gorisek, Planica Ski Jump

Started in 1969, the hill size of Letalnica hill is similar to that of Vikersundbakken, i.e. 240m. However, there is a difference of just 0.50meters when it comes to the longest jump from the mountain compared to the previous one. Well, the longest jump record from the hill is 253.5m which is on the name of Gregor Schlierenzauer in K-200 points.

According to ski records, the first ski flying World Championships were organized in 1972 on Letalnica hill when the maximum K-point was just 165. After recent reconstruction in 2013-2015, the hill area is in operation currently with the maximum visitors’ limit of 50,000. SD Planica is the leading ski club of the city.

  1. Kulm-Skiflugschazne, Bad Mitterndorf

Constructed in 1950, this ski jump area contains the visitor’s capacity up to 40,000. The place is open till the date for holding ski jump competition, tournaments, and championships after its reconstruction in 2014. The hull size is 235m.

A record of the hill in K-point 200 was awarded to Peter Prevc for the high jump of 244m. The place has three junior hills too, which was yet to open for tournaments.

Top 4 Largest Ski Jump Places In The World

Top 4 Largest Ski Jump Places In The World

  1. Heini-Klopfer-Schanze, Oberstdorf

The place has a fascinating history! When German winter athletes denied taking part in Winter Olympics of 1948, three ski jumpers thought to build their ski jumping hill. Their names were Oberstdorf Sepp Weiler, Heini Klopfer, and Toni Brustcher. And the thought was turned in results in 1950 when this ski jump site construct. However, it was recently redesigned and reconstructed in 2017 too.

The hill size is 235m only. Gradually, it became the hub of various championships and world cup place for ski jumpers. Having spectator capacity of 40,000 people, the leading ski club here is SC Oberstdorf.

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