World’s Top Ski Tournaments

World’s Top Ski Tournaments

Skiing has a good history. It was just a hobby unless it recognizes as a sport. After recognition, the craze of skiing increased dramatically among adventure lovers. However, Nowadays, ski sports are taking place in the most prominent sports activities, including World Cups.

There are various tournament and competitions held by a different group of people to encourage the love of skiing. If you are a ski-lover, you may well aware of that all world ski tournaments held by International Ski Federation (FSI). Let’s discuss the top world cups and skiing tournaments of the world.

Four Hills Tournament, (Germany and Austria)

It is the first World Ski Tournament. It gives not only the generous prizes and awards but also provides an effortless way of participation. Also, to achieve big, numerous participants hold their place in the tournament which is held every New Year.


Planica World Cup (Slovenia)

Just below the Mountain Pounce, Planica world is held every year at the valley situated down to it. Ski racing and ski jumping are one of the largest tournaments here. After its reconstruction in 2014, it has given various faces to the competition along with multiple records.

FIS World Cup Alpine Ski (Retenbach)

To provide a competitive platform to skiing women, FIS World Cup held in Retenbach. However, the same is now readily accessible by men participants too. Austria is the most successful and renowned skiing nation, and Retenbach awarded the opportunity of holding such World Cups more than fifty times.

World Cup (Kitzbuehel)

Three types of races host in Kitzbuehel. And these are downhill race, slalom race, and super-G. The place provides one of the most attractive racing platforms. So, thousands of visitors and public figures enjoy it every year.

World Cup Ski Jumping (Lillehammer)

Lillehammer is a famous ski jumping place of Norway. It is the capital of Winter Olympics Game, 1994 and witnessed the popular ski jumping World Cup. However, the area is quite small compares to others, but the nice view of the place attracts numerous guests. Various ski tournament and competitions are used to hold here frequently.


Audi FIS World Cup (Aspen)

The terrain of Aspen is perfect for newbie skiers as well as for experts. As well as, Colorado is the nearest and the most beautiful ski resort to accommodate guests. It contains different heights of mountain ranges and hills with steep slopes and small trees. So, the place offers everybody an exciting journey.

Men’s Alpine Ski World Cup (Chamonix)

Being the center of winter sports, Chamonix witnessed the very first Winter Olympic Games. Also, Different geographical parts of it like Kandahar runs, Slalom meets the requirements of the Alpine skiing World Cup and the same has been held here too.

Moreover, there are various other world tournaments at more significant as well as smaller level held in different corners of the world. Some of them are FIS Alpine World  Championship (St. Moritz), World Cup Alpine Skiing (Beaver Creek), etc.

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